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Our Vision „We deliver the future” makes working in serwisiongroup enables continuous improvement and provides challenges for every day.
Ourrules of the game - play fair play
Customer Satisfaction
Trust and cooperation
Honesty and integrity
Improvement and development
Ifevery day you play by the same rules and want to join us, please refer to our offer.

About us

Firm SERWISION came into being in 2008 year. In first decade of activity the firm be set on service services as well as the modernizations. Thanks manyyears' experience in computer trade and co-operation with customer Firm reached main priority - solid and reliable service. The entry was on market of services the next step for firms as well as the sale of computer sets to more far resale. In year 2010 we alter on SERWISION Poland Sp. z o.o. In year 2011 we alter on Group Serwision Sp. z o.o. and we become among firms of trade the largest monopolist IT.

Group Serwision Sp. z o.o. comprehended acting in wide trade IT. We deal with with resale of computer equipment and service.
We testify in range of repairs service: computers, laptops. We deal with with configuration of network equipment.

It is one of forms of working of our firm service technical service in support about solid service contracts. Our Customers' more and more larger team uses with this form of co-operation, because she guarantees the lowering the costs of exploitation of computer system, it pozwalać on planning the expenses connected with computer science near enlargement the safety of work.

The co-operation with us makes possible solution of many difficult matters without need search in several solutions or even a dozen or so firms. We assure the professional scale of services. We guarantee professional, pane guarantee service and pogwarancyjny in full the range of trade the IT.

Our mission

To cause, to our Customers fully used with possibility what modern technology gives.

We are the enthusiasts of Internetu!
We see his potential and possibility, and the most important what, we know as using it to
realization concrete business aims. We since many summers steels have observed the
development of new medias - in this it will not let trade differently. Changes follow with
speed of light - every day brings new ideas and possibility. Our work depends on this, to
to know how to distinguish temporary fashions from generating for our Customers
durable advantage solutions.

Theory + Practician = Experience
Therefore we win new knowledge just not only unceasingly but, first of all, every
we verify day her usefulness initiating her in figure of practical solutions. Thanks this
we can offer on the the highest, the most current level service. It is many roads of
attainment of to consumer in net, and we know all of them and in dependence from
Customer's needs, we choose these which will permit us to reach success.

In technology the most important they are... men
Trunk of our team is invariable from momętu of foundation of firm. Work in harmonious
team it is effective and pleasant. Our knowledge and skills become with Customer's
supply, making possible full utilization chances what gives Internet. We help in
realization Customers their strategy business, and they in exchanges become
members of our team.

World is interactive!
Virtual world goes round already about many more quickly from this real. In every second
stunning users' number exchanges on subject of services attention, products and marks.
Hundred they meet with thousands answers the questions, and these of millions
comments. It in net will not suffice already only " to be". To to think about success, we
should be professionally in her and with idea. Maintenance it was picture never so difficult,
but and so important how at present.

It was realized in co-operation
We know on workings interactive, and our Customer on specific our activity. Only
we in co-operation can reach success. We for first contact have become not only
guide and Customer's representative in net, but and we support Him our knowledge and
experience; we are His adviser, consultant and partner. Our Customer's aim is
our aim.

Can more together
The dynamic development of Internetu this the continually appearing new possibilities, but
also the steels changing surroundings. Linking co-operation with us, Customer gains the
solid source of information and ideas. The current monitoring of initiated solutions, it permits
us to go out with initiative and to suggest the new paths of development. We believe, that
long-lasting co-operation this the best road to elaboration of competitive superiority!


We command in range our services quick and solid computer service!

Computer damaged You?
You can not him curb?
Children pulled down virus?
You lost important data?

We invite to us, we will zdiagnozujemy thanks manyyears' experience and we will remove every problem of Your computer!

We execute on place the every services - in the customer's house or seat of our firm. The realization of service be holds the most often in day of composition of order. We assure solidity and executed by us honesty services and also nice atmosphere.

For 2008 year connected from computers such have solved the every problems how the removing the viruses, trojanów czy spyware, re - the installation the Windows without loss of data, configuration of net or else the regaining after breakdown of system the data the Windows.

Calling in us nothing You do not risk we - have principle: if problem would stay rozwiÄ…zany Customer nothing does not pay. We invite to notifying from computer problems.

Mail-order service!
You do not want to lose in corks time?
You can not to be on the time in hours of work of firm?
You live from seat of firm for far?

We offer the possibility of sending and the receipt of equipment for mediation of kurierskiej firm!
For only 32 zł ordered by us courier will take back damaged and repaired equipment under indicated by customer address will deliver!
You want to order courier are find out more about service? Get in touch with us!

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