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The manager of Department of Management
and it seeks the Personal Policy:

Lp. Name of Position See
1. Worker of section of technical help
2. The programmer the Administrator of systems
3. The administrator of Infrastructure the IT
4. Expert Help Desk
5. Expert ds. Initiating
6. Analyst of Computer Systems
7. Tradesman in trade IT
8. Designer of Computer Systems
9. Programmer's engineer
10. Manager of Post
11. Expert IT Ds. Safety
12. Programmer PHP
13. IT Project Manager
14. Designer of Telecommunicational Net
15. Expert Ds. User's support
16. Expert Ds. Administrative service
17. Expert Service Desk
18. The manager of Trade Section of Services the IT
19. The manager of Section the IT
20. Web Developer
21. Webmaster
22. The administrator / the Operator of Net
23. Co-ordinator Ds. Management Equipment IT
24. Become Ambassador Serwisiongroup

Choose a job you love, and yoy will not have to work even for one day in your life.

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