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Thanks to our experience and knowledge help to efficiently select the appropriate solutions, advise on the possibility of a specific technology and cost-effectiveness of their implementation. 's Competence of our staff allows full transfer of knowledge in consulting and IT support to our customers.


Administration Servers

Configure the server according to your needs - we will prepare and install the necessary software. To ensure the highest quality of service, monitoring the operation of servers around the clock. We provide technical support and guarantee a fast response time and repair. We provide professional care and supervision of servers operating systems based on Linux, Windows Server. We offer to create from scratch the server infrastructure, systems, firewalls, and the ability to connect to the automatic data backup systems. Supported by our systems are monitored 24 hours a day mode immediate response to possible malfunction. By entrusting us with server administration, our clients can confidently focus on the performance of their business. With us to be confident that all of their valuable data and / or equipment are under the supervision of experienced professionals

As part of the current administration servers provide:

• professional care and supervision of the servers running under Linux or Windows Server

• clock monitoring systems kept every day of the year

• immediate response to potential failures regardless of time of day or night

• optimal and uninterrupted operation of servers and server systems

• regular updating software

• systematic backup

• anti-virus and anti-spam e-mail

• firewall systems


VoIP Service

The use of modern IP telephony, using VoIP technology, and internal or external computer network for voice, can significantly reduce the cost of business.

Internet telephony is used mainly for talks between branches of companies, making the cost of such calls is significantly reduced - calls within the company (LAN) and cooperators (VPN) are not charged at all. With VoIP, companies consisting of a large number of branches connected to the network, extensive telephone calls may be exercised in whole packet technology.

IP telephony functionality increases significantly compared to the traditional telephony with the ability to attach on separate servers, external applications, such as voice mail, voice recording, call center services, voice announcement systems, IVR or voice recognition.

We work with leading companies in the Polish and the UK offering our customers both ready-made solutions leading manufacturers of VoIP, as well as our own projects.

Our offer is addressed to small and medium-sized companies that want to streamline their operation by the use of modern communication technologies, while reducing the cost of calls.

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