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The administrator of Infrastructure the IT

The description of position:
The engaged on present position responsible person will be for maintenance as well as extension of infrastructure the teleinformatycznej in several squads of firm.
It to the most important tasks will belong:
the supervision over equipment the IT, administration the net of lan / the WAN, servers, realization of policy of safety.
The MS the majority of solutions be leaning about technology the Windows, therefore the interesting the present position person should possess in solutions experience and the technology of firm the Microsoft.

We offer between different our Workers:
stable, full new and interesting challenges work among professionals,
the contact with the newest technologies, the solid development of professional qualifications,
the elastic time of work, nice the and friendly atmosphere the work in ambitious team,
the course of English language I, will grill medical the as well as recreational occupations,
attractive adapted to possessed qualifications reward.
We guarantee the adaptation the tasks and the conditions of work to individual possibilities and the expectations.

the higher education in range of computer science or the related directions,
the experience in managing from equipment side and program the nets of lan / the WAN, good the practical acquaintance the Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, MS the Exchange, Active the Directory, practical acquaintance of questions of safety in extensive nets, the samodzielność, creativity, good the acquaintance of English language,
miles seen experience in management systems Linux'owymi.
The acquaintance will be the additional trump the Share of Culminating points the Portal the Server.


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