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    Fooling the personal data this the true plague of present of world. Internet in present moment distances such possibilities on fooling on many possibilities our private personal data. The most popular impersonating under Bank Institutions is and also Firm. Let's let's remember before we will pass any personal data to verifying ringing to us person.  It was can not proceed recklessly if someone rings and it tells, that it rings with bank and the reserved number of telephone possesses additionally it is already this something not so. Check or ringing person knows password passed by you to contact with bank it if was not one should finish this conversation.

    Next sposobić this impersonating under Firm bush and I convince us in emailu, that they seek workers and they ask about message CV on passed address email. Let's let's in this case remember about one then Candidate looks for firm in which it wants to work and not firm sends offer candidate. Remember in such case visit company side given firm bush and check following information to does not give to cheat:

- the tuck the Career with present offers of work

- contact to firm in peculiarity addresses email

    Compare from what emaila address message came and manageable answer on what address has to be sended. If is walk address a bit odd pass on whole email Firm which message it concerns from question czy this firm sended to us this message in fact. It if firm will confirm to us sended correspondence then was can safely send her one's CV. email Obviously on which you send question it comes from from side of given firm.

    No respecting Firm will permit on tearing its name and picture. The most often alone they notify then Police in aim pursuing perpetrator. Let's let's remember however about this to in this informing type cases Police also. Police has for task yet to help in end Citizens more Together Safely. Help to make Internet safe place.

    It it was one should was remember about this also, that nobody in net is anonymous and it leaves to him traces which in end they will bring. Every stopped person this one step to front in fighting internet crime. Let's do not fear to ask about Help.

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