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As modern and dividing knowledge firm, which invests in men's young therefore in current 2012 year we initiated rich Programme Practician Summer as well as Programme Stypendialny. We want, to students got to know in one of the largest firms of trade the specific of work IT in Poland winning practical skills and professional experience.

Our offer be directed to students not only and graduates but also to average schools and therefore our offer distinguishes oneself on market, thanks this that we give the possibility of development future engineers:

  • the possibility of performance the practician enabling the part in realization of concrete investments,

  • the part in professional workshops, representing the use of modern solutions the and advanced communication technologies,

  • the conquest as financial support the year - old scholarship last of all the studies and the undertaking of work soon after their end.

The graduate who on beginning of with its way professional wants already and it can satisfy across work the need of self - realization. Under notion " the best work" will understand with his direction of studies peaceable work, interests, with his ambitions, endeavours, preferred values. Is our foundation and challenges treat these graduates who have the large need of undertaking the initiative's recruitment their occupation with passion often they identify with chance on development. Every stage depends us on path of career also he would be supported across professional mentoring czy the set of suitably well-chosen methods szkoleniowo - developmental. Young being on beginning one's professional life graduates can calculate on professional help in range of consultation their plans and ambition.

The group the Serwision goes considerably further than the building with future graduates of university the report. We found min. year - old scholarships as well as we organize practice. We give the possibility of leadership also and led by us realization projects. They would gain after this over this all future personnel, for which serwisiongroup will be the attractive place of realization of professional ambitions.

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