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The meeting of computer equipment for children from the Child's Houses

Grupa Serwision Sp. z o.o. it announces the meeting of old computer equipment : computers, monitors, notebook computers. In this way gain over equipment be becomes repaired and passed on in this way Child's Houses it will become used again, in order to they could me play already on this equipment which you you do not use. Serwisiongroup (going out with foundation, that we as children played on computers also, however these children never tested this). It in relationship from this leads the meeting of unnecessary computer equipment. Maybe mat some covering equipments? You can alternatively ask familiar.

We do not assemble money, if someone wants already to support action finacially, then better to hit on Allegro and to buy some used equipments, and to pass on him then.

I ask about message info about sended equipment on address email additionally: contact

Grupa Serwision Sp. z o.o. it does not receive equipment personally, but interested pass on contact data to person, which oneself it occupies with this.

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