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Web Developer

To person's tasks engaged on this position it will belong:
Creating and the modification of internet sides from using the newest technologies,
Initiation own ideas and solutions,
Active in improving products created in firm participation,
Co-operation from programmers' team, designers,

We from candidates wait:
At least severalyears' experience in unreeling large internet services,
Good acquaintance PHP 5, OOP,
Good acquaintance HTML5, AJAX, CSS3,  jQuery, JavaScript,
The skill of work with files the PSD ( the Photoshop, Gimp),
The skill of work from bases of data ( the acquaintance of language the SQL),
The optimization of services as well as the catching the mistakes and the niespójnoĹ›ci in working the previewer (mainly IE7-9),
The acquaintance of tools to debugging ( the Firebug the itp),

At least basic acquaintance:
Regular expressions, SEO,
The acquaintance of English language on enabling level reading the records as well as communicating,
Responsibility and conscientiousness in executing duties,
The acquaintance of trends reigning on market of web the developerskim,

Seen miles:
The skill of writing the skalowalnych of services the Responsive of Web the Design,
The experience in work from base of data the Oracle,
Programming in language PL / SQL,
The acquaintance the patent medicines of programming of mobile sides,


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