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The administrator / the Operator of Net

Main tasks:
Managing systems IT and net teleinformatyczną,
The taking the care about safety and the stability of computer infrastructure,
The configuration of software,
The current help in service of equipment as well as the software,

We wait:
Higher education,
Experience in managing nets leaning about Windows Server, Linux,
Skill in configuration network active devices,
Connected with protections of net the very good acquaintance of questions,
The practical acquaintance of system the Exchange,
The practical acquaintance of managing the base the MS the SQL the Server,
The acquaintance of technology the wirtualizacyjnych,
Experience in service and solving users' current problems,
Basic the acquaintance of English language,
It commitment the, diligence, of comunicativeness of, conscientiousness, the skill of analytic thinking,
The skill of work in team,

We offer:
The possibility of lifting across part the professional qualifications in trainings,
Work in prężnie developing firm,
Adequate reward to possessed knowledge and skill,


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