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Politician of Safety of Information

Clause of confidentiality of information

1. Sides oblige:

1.1 To behaviour in exact secret as well as to it passing on, not disclosing and non using making up secret of enterprise of second Side, and also every secret information information and the facts about which will find out in track of mutual co-operation or near opportunity of co-operation in relationship with preparation of offer, independently from form the delivery / gaining over these information and their source. Recipe this concerns in peculiarity not passing on, not disclosing and the non using the information as well as the definite in enclosed "DEKLARACJI in range of confidentiality of information” records, making up in thought the secret of enterprise the art. 11 mouths 4 Law about Fighting with day Dishonest Competition 16 April 1993 r.

1.2 to Use information, about which speech in mouths. 1.1 only in definite through Side with settlements in relationship with preparation of offer aims.

1.3 to Undertake for assurance every indispensable steps, that none of receiving information persons will disclose these information, nor their source both in the whole, as and part, sides third without obtainment on writing previous clear authorization from Side, which information or source concerns. The side which passes on information of second Side answers for person which these information becomes throw open / passed on how for own working or relinquishment, responsibility in peculiarity bears for behaviour the warnings of decisions of mouths. 1.1 and 1.2.

1.4 to Disclose in mouths 1.1 information about which speech. only this workers, collaborators and the advisers of Sides which will be they indispensable to realization charged them actions and only in the range, in what the recepient of information has to have to them the access for definite in mouths 1.2 aims.

2. the Decision mouths 1.1 – 1.4 will not be the dusts of use to these information got from second Side, which:

2.1 be published, universally well-known or passed to public message officially;

Given Side 2.2 be well-known before accession to connected with preparation of offer actions or they had were got for person third peaceably with right, without limitations to their disclosing;

For previous written agreement of second Side 2.3 be become disclosed by one from Sides;

2.4 be become disclosed by one from Sides with regard on valid requirements of right or peaceably with legally valid judgement of court or the legally valid administrative decision with restriction, from they were undertaken reasonable and peaceable with right aiming to behaviour of confidentiality such information steps;

2.5 were got through given Side from connected with preparation of offer actions independently.

3. Time of duration in secret of information about which speech the duty of behaviour in mouths 1.1 is in force after expiration deadline of tender procedure also.

4. In case of infringement of duty of behaviour in secret of information about which speech in mouths 1.1 by one from Sides, second Side will be entitled to inquiry of damages in full height and the reparation of damage peaceably with valid recipes of civil Code.

5. Information, about which speech in mouths. Secret information 1 present Contract can make up in understanding Law about turn financial instruments with day 9 July 2005 r. (Dz. U. Nr 183, poz. 1538). Disclosing the ww. of secret information be subject to penal responsibility definite in Law.


Rogowo, day ………………



in range of confidentiality of information making up the secret of enterprise I lower undersigned( the y) …………………………………………….….. showing theone's identity the proof with personal No. ……………………… as worker of firm …………………………………….. from seat in ………………………………. I with my workers oblige together with:
Keeping in exact secret the every secret information in technical peculiarities and technological, trade, economic, financial, legal and organizational as well as different possessing the economic value relating firms – from form of delivery of these information independently and their source.

Secret information hugs in peculiarity:

1. technical Information and technological
a) the Know - the connected with process of production how, technology, centres of production, quality,
b) Every technical connected from article information, his construction and applied materials,
c) the Detailed technical relating the state of possession information: the equipment, tools, centres of production and the centres of control,
d) the relating Information of applied procedures, in this the procedures the ZSZ,
e) the relating the location Information and the kind of rooms, protections (in this the physical protections and procedural the entry on terrain of organization as well as the access to individual rooms and the active bodies), as the also every active bodies of the organization which can be in any way connected with safety of information.

2. trade Information
a) the prices on articles, the costs of producing the articles, price of purchases of materials and the accessories,
b) the Information relating the tradesmen's bases and the recepient of materials, services and different as well as the applied prices,
c) Every relating with tradesmen contained contracts information and recepient,
d) relating with contract party, in peculiarity conversations with foreign partners Information.

3. Information financial ekonomiczno or different possessing economic value
a) the relating the shape of financial firm Information as well as the sources of funding,
b) the relating the organization of company Information and her legal state as well as the contracts with shareholders,
c) the Information the n / the t of applied systems of management,
d) the Information the relating heights of rewards, ways of justification and the rewarding the workers,
e) personal Data of worker of staff, their qualification and the education,
f) the relating Information of applied computer applications and the software,
g) relating investment Information and planned projects,
h) the relating Information of applied operating systems and their protecting,
i) the relating the way of sending Information and the coding the data,
j) the relating the schedule of rooms, physical protections Information as well as the location of active bodies of Company, type the equipment and the device the, paper documents, the pieczęcie, keys itp.


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