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People with a passion

In our company we count people.It is thanks to him, a great art and interesting personalities, we provide first-class IT services. That is why we invest in employee development, provide them with a friendly working environment, financial stability, training and the opportunity to participate in interesting projects.

We are a technology company, which does not mean that our employees are only engineers and computer scientists. Serwisiongroup team is really diverse. Very valuable competence in our work is knowledge of foreign languages, they often provide service in the native language of the client. Therefore, in our ranks you will meet many graduates of linguistics, who decided to direct her career on the technical track. The combination of technical training programs, and the support of more tenured colleagues in Serwisiongroup possible!

Steer your career! Regardless of what your education, in Serwisiongroup you can find your way and join a great team. A team of people with a passion.

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