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Quick and functional internet sides


Why do some sides of www load long and they act slowly?
Several causes consist on this:

  • Excessive quantity of graphic elements

  • Animations flashowe

  • Large quantity of superfluous code

  • Loading from different sides of www the elements ( the advertisement, statistics)

  • Unoptimal working programme, which answers for projection side

  • Burdened server

Don't creators of these sides this know?
Part with them passes me with this matter but they go "on easy task" creating side in support about finished solutions, which are complex often excessively and not well-fitting to executed side completely. Sides such execute the lots of unnecessary operations as well as they contain the large quantity of superfluous code. In extreme cases displaying of the same the mighty content to get reducing code of side about 70%!

Different performers in turn, they lie down on graphic arts pressure and showy animations, leaving behind, that not all users of internetu have very quick link and the newest computers. They try first of all to satisfy customer visual effects, not remembering about minuses such solutions.

To this comes creators who want for every price to be modern's group and they use many complex unnecessarily and interactive elements. Unreeled and put away elements, jumping out prompts, changing in track inspection small pictures as well as different gadgets, instead of to facilitate they - make difficult.

First of all functionality
I begin every project from planning out the structure of side.

I try to place all elements, stawiajÄ…c on place visitor side logically. Where will it look for given element? How to spread all options and tuck to for help 2-3 clicking visitor he found then what it need.

Really the stage of graphic project follows then, and then the realization of acting side.
Projecting I side, pay back first of all attention on:

  • easiness of moving

  • legibility of information

  • speed of loading the side

  • the transparent arrangement and the accessibility of option

  • "clean" the code of side

I create NIE sides in support about free the and complex solutions of type joomla, mambo, php - nuke and different. The sides of www and I execute in support the internet shops about my own and the checked solutions.

I execute the side for every customer, fitting the graphic arts severally and the code of side in this way to to does not generate the superfluous elements and to keep the transparent structure.

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