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Well-fitting Graphic arts


The visual side of internet shopwindow is not less important from her functionality and content.

It happens often, that in spite that side contains interesting us information, it terrifies with appearance simultaneously. Ugly side discourages already user on only introduction.
Except disastrous graphic arts and the low quality of pictures, we come across on chaotic content the, large, multicoloured texts, the mixed types and the entirely well-fitting colours.

Only little persons be able to with stoical quiet bear this type attractions and to kickone's ars in demand information. Majority from closes this side or clique "backwards" and it comes back to explorer.

Pretty and transparent appearance side this first of all:

  • Well-fitting to placed on side elements colouring (logo, picture)

  • The gentle colours of background, frame boxes and the fulfilments 

  • The picture and the graphic artist linking to character of side 

  • The colours of buttons, linków and the types harmonize with with me 

  • Sedate the cuts and the sizes of types, uniform spaces and the indentation 

  • Logical and transparent arrangement information

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