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More complex company sides


It does not suffice with time several straight lines of information about firm to full performance of offer. Then necessary the complex side is a the bit more, including on subject of offer the mainly more information czy activity of firm.

This type of side usually contains:

  • Main menu

  • Menu "internal" - that is under - connected from chosen with cannon menu

  • Main side

  • Podstrony

    • About firm

    • The offer - with division on categories, the base of products ( the services) the, picture, the descriptions, technical data

    • Novelty, promotions

    • Customers', opinions references

    • The Realizacje - the base of realization, every realization contains the description as well as the any quantity the zdjeć

    • Contact - data teleadresowa and mapka

    • The form of question - simple or more folded

    • Documents to delivery fee - with division on categories

  • System to management side CMS

It on such side was can place also:

  • Multimedia files (np. training films, introductions)

  • Some calculators (credit, monetary)

  • Application forms (conferences, training)

  • Electronic conclusions (credit, insurance)

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