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Internet shops


The internet shop pozwalać on sale of products czy services for help of internetu. Whole process of finding the goods of, ordering, confirmation of czy pay be holds for mediation of internet side. The owner of shop czy the person by him authorized, they pack the only goods and they send him to customer. Sposobić dispatching customer it chooses during folding order.

Except service of orders the person's part leading the internet shop it restrains to actualizing the offer ( the descriptions, picture) and the provide for with customers the contacts.
There is no necessity of bringing in for technical care the payments in offered by me shop. 

Shop simply cannon, and possible mistakes be removed after notification in frames of guarantee immediately.

Offered by me internet shop is my authorship entirely and it is not some alteration existing finished, free solution.
The graphic arts, appearance and the working the shop they be adapted to needs ordering and the patent medicines of sold goods. The possible realization of special modules is on customer's wish or any modification already existing.

Following components in offer of realization of shop contain:

  • graphic project (adapted to needs and customer's taste)

  • the realization of menu, main side and all informative podstron ( the regulations the, turns, the contact, about firm the itd)

  • the whole mechanism of projection of products, groups, subgroups, projection the details the, descriptions, of picture

  • it the explorer (looks for according to. the written word, number of product, category)

  • the system of buying ( the basket), the choice of way of payment, delivery, the confirmation the order

  • the automatic calculation the value of order together with with costs of dispatching

  • the possibility of buying without institution of account and log in

  • the customer's registration, institution account, history of the customer's orders, change of data

  • option of reminding for customer the password

  • newsletter that is sending information about novelties and promotions to all customers

  • possibility of starting the inquiries to voting

  • special windows promoting products "commanded", "novelty", "promotion"

  • customers' opinions about products

  • electronic payments

  • the installation of side on server, the checking of working

  • the technical help near starting the shop and the service of administration

The system of management contains with shop:

  • easy management content on informative sides

  • management goods: the addition the goods the the, automatic creating the miniatures of pictures, edition, removing the goods, concealing the chosen of goods

  • management categories and podkategoriami: the addition, editing, removing the, transfer with category the products to category, the change of order of projection, concealing the category.

  • management orders: preview of details of order, possibility of change of order, printout, change of statusu, date of dispatching, deleting the order

  • management customers' base: the finding, edition of data, removing, the preview of details and the customer's orders

  • invoice: putting out to chosen of order the invoices. With regard on this that order as well as customer's data are in base of data of shop, exposure invoice imports to several clicking.

  • creating and the sending to customers of shop the collective correspondence

  • the management the tradesmen and the costs of dispatching

  • the statistics of ratings (global, week's, monthly, according to. the countries the itd)

  • management displayed in shop advertisements

  • the statistics of sale of products ( the monthly compositions, according to products, according to. the category)

Pozostale information:

  • the shop has not no the limitations what to quantity of goods czy category in base of shop

  • no the limitations what to quantity of orders czy the customers' quantity in base

  • it for mediation of shop was can lead the sale of files to the delivery fee (np multimedia files, music, training)

  • we can start language any versions

Payments usually in shop be realized on three ways:

  • delivery fee (customer pays near receipt deliverer)

  • transfer (customer makes with one's account transfer)

  • electronic payment ( payment, credit,card electronic transfer)

The electronic payments be hold for mediation of specialist service the DotPay. Customer after end of order crosses to side of firm dotpay where makes transaction in safe sposobić. It from razu receives information czy transaction was realized favourably.
System dotpay communicates with system of shop informing about positive realizing transaction automatically. In base of data of orders changes automatically it the status of order on "paid" with information about time and the way of pay.

This kind of payment is the most comfortable for both sides. Customer makes payment without necessity filling forms quickly czy being successful to bank. The owner of shop receives from razu information pay regarding and it does not need to check bank account to to realize order.
The whole weight of assurance of technical service and the DotPay rests on firm the safety.
Necessity of taking from every transaction payment through service is only minus of this solution DotPay. Payment this carries out 3% value of order OK and it pays her selling (shop).

Customer can obviously execute with one's account transfer using with electronic banking. Shop does not pay no commission then. Minus of this solution is such, that shop does not receive automatic information about pay, and customer has to copy and to insert to form of transfer data.


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