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Internet system


Applications czy internet systems this more more and more often used tool to improvement in firm work. Range of his working can be very wide and it can hug almost all aspects of working of firm: the service of sale, contacts with customers, the circulation of documents and the information in firm.

To what this serves:
In shortcut: this is the complex internet designed for workers of firm side.
To contain such elements maybe how: base of the customers' data, history of contacts, register of orders, module of invoicing, warehouse module, leaves and the workers' departures the, analytic reports, the circulation of records and different.
And the most important this is, that all these data are all the time dostepne on up to date and they can be in every moment modified by working in system persons.

How does this act?
System and all data be placed on one central server. The workers join from server for help of usual internet previewer. Look at by worker data are always current because they be taken from server directly. Introduced by one worker data are from razu visible for remaining workers.

Who can this be necessary?
Internet system in defiance of pretences does not be design for large corporation exclusively. This solution can be very useful for average czy small firm. It turns out very often, that such system, many installed on workers' computers different programmes replace and executing in firm tasks standardizes simultaneously. All use with the same system so there is no place on individual working.

It thanks to intranetowemu system was can eliminate the most often in firm stepping out computer problems:

  • Scattering many different documents, in different versions on workers' computers

  • The different versions of installed programmes or the problems create their lack near unlocking the documents

  • Continuous sending causes among workers many e-mail covering up cases unnecessary data.

  • Every worker on own hand has to organize on computer data. Every does in different way this.

  • New worker's party it on place previous be connected often from littered with delivery computer thousand files. Files these are or well ordered or well ordered according to some unknown method.

  • Access to accumulated on one computer data is possible only when this computer be included and it works in net.

  • Access to data from outside (when worker spends beyond firm) it is often impossible or very made difficult.

  • The high costs of purchase of software on every computer separately.

The just intranetowy system is solution of these all problems. Near this system such gives large financial economies, as there is no necessity of buying on every position many licences separately as well as bribing different periodical actualization. It was paid for realization of system only once. If necessary some modifications later are, they be priced and account for independently.

Is this some finished solution czy individual programme?
Every system be executed with customer's needs severally peaceably. There are no unnecessary options in him, complex nadmiernia of forms of czy superfluous reports. During work over system all attentions and workers' ideas and managements be taken under attention and introduced in life. Every mistakes of czy shortcoming be removed on up to date.

It and concretely this what can was make in this system?

  • Example - producing window firm:

  • Working persons "in terrain" they log in to system and they introduce new customers as well as order

  • Workers in firm see from razu new orders, they verify it and they pass on to section of production.

  • The section of production passes on to dispatching product - to print separate permitting module np. transport letters.

  • The history of orders for every customer creates how and the history of contacts.

  • Comfortable explorer permits to find quickly both chosen order how and concrete customer

  • We for every worker to attribute to definite options access can.

  • Orders can be in every moment modified and replenished about new information.

  • We for every order to put out invoice VAT can. Being in system data hit to invoice automatically we - should not rewrite data.

  • It was can print automatically invoice or wholesale (np with whole month)

  • Different analytic reports can show both current orders how and different financial results czy statistical.

  • If the book-keeping leads the firm the zewnÄ…trzna can have also the access to system (to chosen of modules) and print the different documents samodzielnie czy check the financial data.

  • Complaints - be introduced on up to date by workers from outside or from inside. Every complaint contains all information as well as her history.

  • The workers' base contains all address information and personal the as well as statistics the workings of worker

  • Workers' leaves - introduced they permit on up to date graficznie to check who and when leave has

  • The departures the sĹ‚uĹĽobowe - the register of departures and the delegation as well as the showing graphic artist the planned departures

  • Secretariat - electronic podawczy journal

  • The base of company documents - instead of the given document to send to workers the innumerable quantities of e-mails will suffice to publish in this section. Every worker will can take always current document when will be him he needed. Necessity of accumulating on many computers the same documents comes off and problem from finding current version.

How do starting in my firm system?
If local net in firm acts, the internal server of www will suffice to start and to install on him system. If firm does not possess local net, or it does not want her to use to this system we - can use with services of firms hostingowych and to install on external server system. It comes off the then whole technical service of the server which rests on firm hostingowej.

Does not one should NIC install on workers' computers. All work in system for help internet previewer, obcnie in which be equipped every operating system (Windows, Linux, Matzoth). It comes off therefore the problem of agreement of operating systems, agreement of software and the necessity of actualization.
It with system was can join from any computer, or this stationary czy laptop.

Internal czy external?
System can be accessible for workers who work in net of internal firm only. Access from outside (with internetu) he be blocked. We call system then intranetowym.

More more and more often it however system was has throwed open was outside also. That is access is possible both from internal net how and with internetu. It is then internet system. On ogól access to whole system be limited - application be required loginu and password (individual for every worker). It is advantage of this solution continuous and unrestricted access to all information for spending beyond firm workers (delegations, business departures, work remote itd).


  • Uniform and always current data - one central server from which data be taken

  • Access from any computer independently from possessed operating system

  • Practically the lack of equipment requirements for the workers' computers ( the acting internet previewer will suffice) we - should not buy the new equipment

  • Does not one should anything install on workers' computers

  • It was not one should actualize on computers software - all actualization and modifications be installed on server only

  • The possibility of work in system from any place on world and about any time.

  • The low costs with regard on lack of periodical payments and licence

  • The safety of data the safe server - the data be kept on one. It kicks spare they be created periodically and automatically. Every kind viruses and Trojan horses do not make up threat here.

  • Modifications and addition new modules does not create no problem and it does not join in huge costs, as in case many finished applications type ERP czy CRM. I to system have access across internet and in every moment I can wgrać correction czy modification.

To sum up the principle of can working qualification: plug and play. Include and work.


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