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The optimization of side with regard on explorer


One of the most important factors, influencing on position of side in explorers the proper building has her. Main principle this correct code php and functionality (usefulness) internet side.

Correct code of side
To side hit to index that is list of sides is visited by special programme first (robot, spider), which " it walks" after podstronach and " it reads" content on them contained. If side contains incorrect code, mistakes, discordant elements with standards, mess - robot similarly how man can get muddled up and to does not read all contents.

It different finished accessible promissory notes during building of sides were used was in internecie often (against payment and for free). It shortens considerably then the time of executing the side but the threat of location on side of incorrect code carries simultaneously the php. It on many sides was can observe large quantity unnecessary and incorrect code, which makes difficult robot only moving and the time of loading side enlarges.

Therefore so the important part of full moon the finished up the and correct code php.

Profitable functionality for man and programme
You near building of side remembering about her functionality should first of all. This important is for evenly for using from side what users and the robots of explorers. Clean and transparent content, readable menu, coherent construction they - pozwalać on easy moving both man how and programme.

The excessive quantity of graphic elements, animation the flash czy the support of working on language the side the java the script the most often causes the large problems from indexing through robots of explorers the side. Programme can not read on small picture contained contents and he is for him the non-existent element of side simply. Contained texts in animations flash from they be niedawany read through robots but not always and step out also from this problems.

Robot moves after side using with linków. If thin lines do not unlock in classic way different podstron only cause the otwarcie of new little window, appearing some additional element, frame box loading content - robot can have problems from reading such side.

Internet shops usually contain the large quantity of products and profitable it will be to google indexed not only main side but he led to chosen of goods customers. Explorer will be well to index from products side if the names of products will will appear in title of side (tag TITLE), and every product will possess description. They including only small picture, name sides and are not price by google treated as valuable.

All this has on position of side the significant influence in explorers. The side which be executed with principles peaceably does not inflict problems near her positioning and it does not require later expensive alterations.

What does it influence on position of side in explorer google yet?

  1. The content that is the quantity and the content of texts being on side. The side of www should have a lot of including the key words text. It was not one should this mislead from usual spamem (that is mumble). Introduction any what including the very large quantity of key words text can bring more damages than use.

  2. The title of side that is this which displays on upper belt of previewer. It is this the very important element of side for explorer. He should contain the most important key words and look at podstrony should simultaneously change in dependence. 

  3. The etiquette that is differently descriptions of linków of czy small pictures. They appear after treading element mouse and ALT are contained in tagach and TITLE. Descriptions these should to be peaceable from this which contains small picture or link from this to what leads. 

  4. The distinction of key words in text. Getting fat (TAG STRONG) as well as applying headlines that is elements H1, H2, H3 

  5. Existing in internecie sending back to our side thin lines. This is one of more important factors. The large quantity of good references has on position of side the very important influence in google. This is we similar mechanism what observe in life: commanded by different hydraulics often more orders will get than nobody not well-known expert.

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