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Statistics of ratings


I to every internet side can execute system statistician oglądaności. Statistics these assemble on subject of visits of side www full information and they present it in transparent figure. Readable compositions and graphs pozwalać on quick orientation in gathered data.

The statistics of ratings offer such information how:

  • The current recapitulation the most important data ( the average the quantity of visits on day, catfish of all visits, coefficient of utilization of side and the effectiveness, tendency the growth / the fall)

  • General information ( the best day, the best month, quantity entertains he - line)

  • The schedule of visits ( the schedule and the graph)

    • year - old

    • monthly

    • week's

    • 24 hour

    • hourly

    • according to sides

    • according to countries

  • Detailed relating ostatnich visits data

    • date, hour

    • operating system, previewer, resolution

    • from what side

    • from what country

  • Statistics visitor:

    • operating system

    • previewer

    • resolution of screen

    • colours of screen

    • the tradesman of internetu ( the ISP)

  • Analysis of visits

    • the kind of visits (from explorers, from different sides, the direct entries)

    • from what explorers

    • written down key words

    • with what domains

    • from what addresses url

In contrast to different free offered in internecie statistics they, assure:

  • Total privacy of accumulated data

  • Exact integration from executed internet side

  • Connected with excessive burden of server the lack of spowolnienie

  • Possibility of adaptation of to the customer's needs

  • Certainty of behaviour of all data

It deciding on using with free statistics was one should remember about several important things:

  • They to accumulated data have the access of employee of firm the offering statistics

  • There is no no guarantee of correctness and the continuity of working.

  • There is no no guarantee, that service will be accessible in future. UsĹ‚ugodawca can give up in every moment from service of service not bearing with this title no consequences. Different sĹ‚owy, this marks, that statistics can once stop acting and whole accumulated data will not be accessible for customer.

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