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Lp. Question See
1. Do I have to have own server to to start the side of www?
2. Will someone help to buy me domain? What is cost?
3. Do I have to repurchase separately company post case?
4. Will my side of www appear in google?
5. Can I actualize side samodzielnie? Should one have to this special software?
6. It can to created side was add different language version?
7. Will possible the change of garment of graphic side be in future?
8. Do you execute to free finished solutions graphic stencils?
9. Do you execute the modifications of sides executed by different performer?
10. Does offered by you shop be to base on on free application e - commerce or different?
11. Do you serve from different cities customers or different countries?
12. Is guarantee on executed sides given?
13. The sides of www in what technology be executed?
14. Can the users of older computers or they look at my side different systems?
15. Do you offer I will grill technical over executed side?
16. What is the time of realization of internet side?


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