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About us:

Introducing is our aim the new technologi of satellite television how and the systems the bezpieczeńswta. Our experience pozwalać us on profesjonale approach to every customer severally. We use from equipment of the highest class and the checked tradesmen how and these with average of shelf and all this to the customer be satisfied.

Thanks our experience and we passion are able to execute in every conditions installations and how the quickest deadline. Our customers can always calculate on our help and service.

• the installations of television the summary satelitarno - sground,
• optical installations,
• hotel television,
• the assembly of sets of satellite accessible platforms in Poland:
The television of New Generation the n, Figure +, the Digital Polsat, Television On Card,
• the installations of satellite dishes on remaining satellite accessible positions
with our geographical position,
• satellite internet,
• projecting and executing complex installations SMATV,
• the assembly and the control of aerials the, configuration the decoders,
• the modernization as well as the repair of satellite installations,
• the measurements, diagnostics as well as the repair of devices of television installations,
• modern installations multiswitch'owe,
• assembly television sets LCD and plasmas,
• audio installations - video,
• industrial monitoring and videodomofony,
• advising technical


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