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We undertake realization of every orders, as early as from the simplest depending on setting the aerial tasks czy the configuration, by full assembly of satellite television of digital platforms, the decoder after summary installations the built in system multiswitch'owym or else the hotel leaning on front stations installations. We offer also more and more more popular (not only in cable nets) the installations optical, valued first of all through many firms, satalitarne of housing communities, or else the developerów.

We assemble the satellite sets of platforms:
• The Television of New Generation the n
• Figure +
• Digital Polsat
• Television On Card
• Orange

We direct to private persons our offer, firms, developerów, communities, housing cooperatives and hotels - to all, which they value professional realization and unfailing working by many summers television systems.

We to realization all installations apply the materials of the highest class, esteemed firms with trade SMATV, such how: TELEVES, TECHNISAT, TERRA, HIRSHMANN. We in technique fixing apply the min. of solution of firms the HILTI and the WURTCH, necessary to professional realization of installation - that is first of all peaceable with building recipes and BHP. We use also professional measuring equipment: Promax, Televes, Emitor.

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