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Poland Employer


Who is Employer Poland ?

here question is, it can answer spróbójecie also.

This what I noticed in notices this np.

1. students to probably 26 year of life - then in guess the next student because after finishing 26 year of life the student is useless because there are no tax preferences probably. student goes to work, parents help him in maintenance, it finishes 26 years, it can not find work and it is surprised why since it is after studies, he used up obviously and new model on his place jumped.

2. handicapped simultaneously fully efficient they, health has to be without no accusation, have to have higher education, to know 3 strange languages and to possess drive right.

3. experience, only where does it worker have to win since employers look for experienced ? young man 20 steam summer it has to have 50 summer experience in every trade it because never was it is knowed in which trade free position will be ?

4. intelligent worker this wrong because it will get to know yet, that employer swindles him, and how it knows though troche would can go to Court of work right this, it comes off.

5. stażyści that is the same what students, after waste how office stops adding kase this next stażysta.

6. obviously trash contract, in order to you would not have worker right to fall ill, on monthly leave, and wholesome insurance this already luxury for chosen.

It where should the place in this is all on the workers' solid employment after 26 year of life not being the students the nor staĹĽystami, not having in trade the experience which was one alter by capricious employers all the time ? such persons are at all maybe not necessary in this country it because was one should for does not pay taxes ?

Who is Employer Poland ?

1. someone without experience who be gave on position unknown quantity how, to be not to end transparent maybe ?

2. someone who does not know for workers' selection and it requires impossible things ?

3. of experience in the workers' selection and one's trade ?

4. intelligent, that workers' foundling which they do not meet on swindling and exploitation ?

5. these higher praiseworthy contract " employer's"competences be rewarded about work with insurance, right to leave and disease ?

What do you judge about Polish Employer ?

Help to guess riddle to who Employer is Poland and what it waits from Workers.

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