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Expert Ds. Administrative service

The description of position:
Engaged on this position person will be responsible for administrative service of kilkunastoosobowego team.

It to basic tasks will belong:
Preparing official writings,
The part at editing of contracts,

The organization of meeting:
Provide for letter distributional, inviting on meeting, confirming meeting, preparing on meeting materials, preparing with meeting notes,
Accumulating with meeting materials, conference, arrangement, scanning, recording in repozytorium,
The support for realizing the projects teams the, working out on basis of delivered materials the examples of internal documents, introduction,
The compilation of materials come from from different sources, from different authors,
Assigned the monitoring the state of realization of tasks in frames of individual working teams,
The service of devices ( the printer the, scanners, of printing - frame) and the software office ( the MS the Office, OCR) as well as the specialist system of management the flow of documents.

The higher education or in track of realization.
Very the miles seen graduates of such directions how: computer science, telecommunication, management projects,
2 - 3 years of experience in work on similar position,
The skill of service of devices and the office software, in peculiarity the MS the Office,
Acquaintance of principles of preparing the official writings, spelling, orthography of, grammar,
The acquaintance of English language on level what the least good in speech and the writing,
The skill of work in team, the easiness of linking on stress the contacts, resistance
Readiness to pronouncements public,
Skill analytic and synthetic thinking,
The good the organization of work, samodzielność, comunicativeness, reliability and the commitment.

We offer:
Employment in large, strongly developing firm IT about built renown and customers' portfolio,
Work on full vacancy in prestige team,
Possibility of professional development.


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