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Easy management


Administer with side in simple and pane sposobić thanks to system CMS!

  • You need not anything install on your computer

  • Edit content in simple sposobić

  • You add or you remove the picture of, current events, products in offer for help paru clicking

  • You need not have no computer knowledge

  • Visible changes are on side from razu

Do not wait and do not pay for actualization!

Every of executed by me sides possesses the system easy the management. Accessible system is after log in. The owner of side (or the person by him authorized) his login receives and the password the thanks which it can log in.
After log in accessible administrative panel is, which pozwalać on easy management with side. Below several elements this system:

Content podstron of czy topicality changes for special editor's help. Editor this is similar to MS the Word and the, thichen, pozwalać on direct writing down the text underlining and colouring, puts in small pictures of czy tables. Changes are from razu visible on side.

Wersja do druku

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