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The side of www - the offer


I execute from the simplest to very zaawansowanch internet sides.

In offer of realization of side the contained www the elements are following:

  • Graphic project

  • The realization of side of, menu, the podstron, graphic elements 

  • Location texts, pictures 

  • Processing zdjeć 

  • Possible transfer from old side materials 

  • The system of easy management the content 

  • Starting side 

  • The help near service of side, 

  • 2 summer guarantee


  • Executed sides are functional and straight lines in navigation

  • They possess the transparent structure and the legibility of arrangement

  • They open quickly

  • They do not possess superfluous graphic elements and unnecessary code

  • They be executed for explorers best

  • They act in all popular previewer correctly

  • They be executed in this way, that them later modification czy the change of appearance does not create no problems

I help customer in finding and I install the rejstracji of domain I, found account hostingowe, executed side and I check her working. I found post cases and I configure all setting of account.
No technical actions customer do not be burden czy superfluous information. His part imports to receipt of executed side of www practically.

Different modules which can execute on side of www:

  • The statistics of ratings (monthly, week's, from what countries, from what of explorers the itd)

  • The gallery of pictures with division on catalogues

  • The offer of products of firm with division on categories and the podkategorie

  • The current events the, promotions, of novelty in offer

  • Articles, texts

  • Files to delivery fee with division on categories and podkategorie

  • Explorer in content of side

  • The system to the projection of advertisements counting the quantity kliknieć and time of projection of every advertisement

  • Book entertains

  • Newsletter

  • Inquiry

  • Language different versions

  • And many different ...

It every from above-mentioned possesses the elements the system of the easy management which pozwalać on straight line and the quick change of content the the, introduction the pictures, offer of products, location the files, aniket czy the dispatch to customers the mass correspondence.
I can obviously execute different modules with customer's needs peaceably.

I do not execute positioning in explorers personally, but I co-operate from testifying this service firms. After realization and she is starting side passed on to positioning firm, it with which customer squares up already severally. is in Poland the most at present popular explorer and this position in this explorer is the most important mainly. Many factors are, which influence on position of side in google and we should remember already on stage of building of side about them. Internet sides which are execute executed with regard on explorer best and positioning firms need not make on side no significant changes. More on this subject on side the Optimization of side from on explorer.

Different language versions
I co-operate from deal with firms professional with translating on strange languages the sides of www also (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian). After realization all contained sides on her texts be translated and placed in suitable places.
Every podstrona in Polish version has his equivalent in different language. The change of language be holds fluently and it depends on clicking of chosen flag.
To administer every version mighty jezykową in the same sposobić how Polish version.


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