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Classic personal sides or company


  • Classic company side usually contains:

  • One menu from side or at mountain

  • Main side

  • Podstrony

    • About firm

    • Offer (description, picture)

    • Novelty in offer

    • Certificates, references

    • Contact ( address data, accessible mapka)

    • The form the (simple form to dispatch of message)

  • Of visits visible meter for entitled person

  • System to management content CMS

Side such is suitable for firm, which offer can be introduced in general outline (text, picture). The Np the firm can lead building services, cosmetic lounge, service the car itd. For help of side the firm does not lead no sale of czy the customer's service he - the line as well as it does not need to place the documents to the delivery fee of czy detailed data of technical products.

Simple form permits to send message from side on e-mail.
Manageress person can to alter in easy sposobić on side content of czy picture as well as insight has to meter of visits.


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